Wordwrap in javascript

Wordwrap for console outputs I need a wordwrap because I want to align the text (mostly build tools outputs) on a specific colon on the screen. It’s easy with a bit of regex. It wraps if there is at least a character of this list ‘ ‘, ‘\n’, ‘/’ or ‘\\’ otherwise it cuts at […]


Bup on Windows

One of the best tool that I know for incremental backups is Bup. I’m using this great project for all my backups with my Linux installation. But on the Windows side, it’s an other story. This post will explain how to deploy Bup and how to browse the snapshots with the file browser. Install the […]

VCPUs with XenServer and Windows

Maybe you have installed Windows on a XenServer and you have set 4 Virtual CPUs. But in Windows, you see only 2 CPU (2 sockets). The problem is that standard Windows versions are limited to two socket with an “unlimited” number of cores. It seems a bit stupid IMHO. By default Xen set one socket […]

IMAP library with Shell scripting

Hello everybody, This day I will share with you how is possible to create a library in shell for the IMAP protocol. The idea is to find a mail in a mailbox only with a shell like BASH and the very powerful command nc. What is nc? This is the netcat command; the TCP/IP swiss […]

Adding tweets with SHell scripting

Hello, The last week, I worked on a very small project. Add tweets when a new directory is added somewhere (with a Synology). For this functionality, I added a CRON job that calls a SHell script which does the job. The interresting part is how to sign and call the twitter webservice (the twitter documentation […]

Reverse SSH tips

Hello, Today I will share some tips with SSH. It is very useful everytime even with crappy OS like Windows. One of the most funny feature is the TCP forwarding by Reverse SSH. For example in the case where you must connect to a SSH server and this one is behind a firewall. You have […]


Hey ça faisait vraiment longtemps. Comme quoi, vaut mieux tard que jamais. J’ai publié une nouvelle version de libvalhalla qui remet à jour les grabbers Amazon et TMDB. C’était principalement des problèmes de changement d’API chez ces deux services. A noter que les grabbers qui se basent sur des scripts PHP maison sont cassés mais […]